General Info Genetic research has enabled the development of these types of watermelons through hybridization that particularly suit the climate and terrain of the area, in fact the high summer temperatures and the constant exposure to the winds with soil that is rich in minerals including potassium, add to the professional skills of fruit and vegetable growers, making their yield healthy productions with high organoleptic qualities and high brix. The soil and climatic conditions of the territory allow to keep the phytosanitary state of the crops under control, reducing the use of pesticides, but especially with the use of products that have a low environmental impact. Its consumption is concentrated in the period end of spring and summer, due to the substantial amount of water content (95%) that allows the development of a considerable action combined with good diuretic action.
Generic Name Anguria Nera
Variety of products Betica
Production area Province of Sassari: Ittiri, Uri, Usini, Olmedo.
Production Technology Open field
Form Round and long.
Coloring Dark green. The flesh is bright red.
Unit size The minimum weight is 1.5 kg.
The average weight is over 05 kg.
Characteristics of Commercialisation The product is intact and free from damage by pests as well as from the presence of foreign bodies on the surface and sunspots. The flesh is firm and very sweet. The selected product is evenly calibrated and is immediately transferred to the markets.
Packaging plastic containers or cardboard capacity between 300 -450 kg.
Period of commercialisation June July August September