Artichoke Spinoso

Nutritional aspects The artichoke is a vegetable that is distinguished by its characteristic bitter taste due to the presence of cinarina, a natural active ingredient. It contains sugars, mineral salts, and a good percentage of vitamins (especially group A), but does not have a great nutritional value: 60 calories per 100 grams of edible portion. however, is a very suitable addition in the diet of an anemic and diabetic person. One hundred grams of the product provides about 5.5 grams of fiber; if we consider that lettuce and tomato, at equal weight, contain only 1.5 and 1.1 grams of fiber, the importance of this product is proven evident for the human body. From the nutritional point of view it is preferable to eat them raw, as cooking with many nutrients plus the heat, reduce or even destroy a good part of the vitamins they contain.
Source: Regione Sardegna
Why are our artichokes unique?
Our products have characteristics that compose the basic foundation that unites them with their territorial island, which is particularly suitable for both traditional farming techniques according to the favorable climatic and morphological conditions. The joint existence of these factors allows to obtain a product that stands out, not only for its aesthetics, but also its organoleptic characteristics, such as limited astringency, pleasant flavor, that result in a balanced blend of bitter and sweet notes accompanied by the tenderness of the pulp that favor consumption of the product in a raw state.
How do our products make it to the market a month in advance?
The high quality of the land where our artichokes are produced allows us to kick-start commercialization as compared to other areas of production that enables us to start sale in advance, by mid-October. Our artichokes have found their natural habitat and climatic conditions that are ideal for their development in coastal areas, where they enjoy particular microclimates, in the bottom of the valley and in the central plains of the island that are located at the sides of the most important creeks. In addition to the intrinsic location of the territory, our farmers with their well-kept tradition, experience and ability, help us with the manual tasks of collecting, sorting and grading the selection of the best artichokes.
Why are we guaranteeing provenance?
Our company is a part of the areas intended for the production of artichokes and has been accepted by the DOP carciofo spinoso di Sardegna, which provides strict implementation of the rules of production and marketing.
Generic Name Artichoke
Variety of products Spinoso Sardo
Production area Province of Sassari: Ittiri, Uri, Usini, Olmedo.
Production Technology In open fields according to the technique of mass selection.
Form The flower head has a conical shape with an elongated part and is compact with large bracts, that are also elongated, with a pointed apex terminating with a yellow plug.
Coloring The outer bracts are green with large purple-brown shades.
Unit size The height of the head is between 8 and 12 cm, while the diameter ranges from 6 to 13 cm and beyond.
Characteristics of Commercialisation Whole, healthy, clean, fresh in appearance, free from damage, both with the entire stem and all the foliage, peeled and cut with variable stem lengths depending on requests. Firmly pack with plastic case cover with films or plastic bands. Certified by the DOP carciofo spinoso Sardo to the required specification.
Packaging Plastic case with dimensions ranging from 40 * 60 * 12cm with a variable number of pieces from 12 to 70.
Periodo di commercializzazione November Dicember Jenuary February March April