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The corporation SARDORTAGGI is a franchised cooperative society founded in the early '70s, currently consists of about 30 members whose companies that are located in the territories of Sassari, Alghero, Ittiri, Usini, Uri, Olmedo, Sorso, Sennori, Porto Torres Valledoria, represent about 300 hectares of the main vegetable cultivations in the province.

The main purpose of the corporation is to obtain genuine products with the use of minimal chemicals that have a low environmental impact, which in addition to land conservation protects the health of consumers.

The corporation manages the central ortofrutticola of Sassari, equipped with freezing systems and equipment for packaging of the products. All this together with the relative proximity of its members (no more than 20-30 km) allows us to enter in fresh local produce markets.

The productions, technically assisted by trained and certified technicians with specific production regulations, are sold in Sassari and Alghero markets as well as in major cities of northern Italy (wholesale and centers of G.D.O. markets).

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